Director Message

In line with the Company’s Vision and Mission, PT Refratech MandalaPerkasa is continually striving to enhance its quality and performance in delivering best products and services to fulfil the needs and satisfaction of customers as well as latest technological development especially in refractories and chemical ingredients for metal smelting/foundries.
As a world class Indonesian company delivering extensive experience and proficiency in its field, PT Refratech MandalaPerkasa has been continually improving its capability by conducting development and innovation measures to its manpower competence and quality products, as well as engineering services and refractory construction application.
In compliance with the meaning of company logo which describes the 3 (three) distinctive indivisible perspectives in 1 (one) unity, as also the three main philosophical values which become the foundation and direction of each Company activity and development befitting one philosophy indivisible owned by PT Refratech MandalaPerkasa. It consists of Quality, Service and Innovation (QSI), ensuring that the logo symbolizes the three philosophical values set off as one binding foundation and priority of direction in each Company activity and development.
In implementing the three indivisible priority philosophical values, PT Refratech MandalaPerkasa has been carrying out numerous activities, encompasssing the following:
• Improving employees’ quality and competence in Occupational Safety, Technical and Management fields.
• Improving reliability of the system and equipment facilities, quality control (QC), product research and development, as well as production.
• Conducting product training and application workshop in maintenance or repair to increase the customers’ knowledge and ability in choosing and using the refractories.
• In 2003 the Company had successfully implemented the standard management procedure in Production and Product Design in conformity with International Standard Organization (ISO).
• In 2008 the Company had successfully implemented the Occupational Safety and Health management system registered in the Department of Manpower and Transmigration as a company possessing experts in Occupational Safety & Health (OSH).
• In 2009 the Company had successfully implemented the Engineering standard management procedure and refractory Construction Application in compliance with the International Standard Organization (ISO).
• Creating new products and engineering technical procedure system in addition to custom-built refractory construction application based on their needs and demands, as well as technological development.
Those positive achievements are undeniably inseparable from the customers’ cooperation and supports in providing responses and valuable input, which is essential in improving quality product and services of PT Refratech MandalaPerkasa.
Finally, we expect that PT Refratech MandalaPerkasa will be able to moving forward and advancing to become a reliable industry partner delivering world class performance which is capable of responding to the existing need and problem in its field, to deliver optimum result that is beneficial for us all.



Theo Thomas, MI. Ref. Eng.